The first office in 1912

Three are the dates which compose a milestone during the centennial history of our office:


It was 1912 when the founder of our company Matthew S. Markantonakis fulfilled his dream and founded the first office of the company under the name Matthew S. Markantonakis. The first offices were established in Kountourioti & Tompazi Coast corner of the Venetian port of Chania, in Glass Hassan (right side and under the Turkish Minaret). During that period the Venetian Port of Chania was also used for merchant purposes. And remained there until the German Occupation when they were bombed by German planes.


In 1948 the agency is being transferred to the opposite side of Kountourioti Coast beneath his house, where previously housed his personal office and some delegations.

Old Harbour of Chania

During that period the agency expands with the participation of his eldest son Spyridon M. Markantonakis.

In order to do this, Matthew S. Markantonakis sells a property in Sykolia, in Galatas area in Chania, right next to the landing point of the first German paratroopers (now a historical monument is built there). With the money he sets up a shipping company and buys barges and ships. His first ship holds the line Chania - Rethymno - Chania – Piraeus.

The agency - naval company already counts a ship and twenty-two barges and the participation of his other three sons is considered essential. The shipping company is modernized, is growing, bigger ships are acquired and is renamed as "M. MARKANTONAKIS AND SONS LTD" dealing with shipping operations and representations.

m-markantonakis s-markantonakis i-markantonakis

In the early ‘50s the company opens a branch in Piraeus, under the supervision of the two older brothers: Spyridon and John M. Markantonakis, while later they also transfer the company's headquarters there, leaving the branch in Chania.


Here is the entry of the third-generation in the company, where after many processes and "ferment" the company gets the current final version with the name "M. Markantonakis Shipping Agency". Having kept the entire "legacy" of their predecessors (history, reputation, reliability, integrity, honesty, dignity and of course professionalism), it has to its credit numerous collaborations, factoring - representations of ships and shipping companies. Principal of these is the representation of the Fleet of the United Kingdom in Souda Bay on behalf of the central agents "Kotzias Shipping" based in Piraeus for the period 1984-2000, the multiannual and equally important cooperation with the "Mills of Crete SA", which continues until today, as well as the agency of numerous German, Italian and American ships and tankers (N.A.T.O.).